Instructions for Use

Heating Instructions

Place hot pack in terry cloth liner and then wet the terry cloth and hot pack. Microwave on HIGH for 50-55 seconds. Microwave ovens vary in their power settings. Use caution as the gel pack can get very HOT and should never be at a temperature that is too hot to hold comfortably with your hands. If necessary, microwave at additional 10 second intervals to increase desired temperature. The hotter the better but, never to hot to burn you. Knead gel pack to disperse heat evenly. Discard if there is any sign of puncture or leakage.

How To Use

Cup the bottom of the heated gel pack under testicles. Using straps, pull edges together and wrap around the penis. Leave heated gel pack in location until desired effect.*

The treated area may temporarily appear red and feel warm after using the gel pack. If you experience any pain, discomfort, or burning sensations discontinue use immediately.

Helpful Hint

After several times using your BladderVoid hot pack, you will find your "right" temperature to stimulate the urge to urinate!

Practice this simple bathroom procedure at home with BladderVoid

Before going to bed, urinate as much as possible, relax for 20 minutes, then apply BladderVoid to the genital area and try to urinate again. BladderVoid's deep penetrating soothing heat will relax muscles and help stimulate the urge to urinate. The goal is to empty the bladder as much as possible, allowing you to sleep longer with less trips to the bathroom.

*For detailed instructions refer to package insert.